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Bye Bye Australia – Hello Denmark

The time has come where I unfortunately have to leave Australia. It has been three amazing weeks with so many experiences and adventures. The weather has not always been good (raining as I am writing), but that would never stop me from returning to Australia. It is truly an amazing country full of amazing people.

My trip home will not be a short one, and especially not after Etihad Airways decided to update their systems. For that reason I now have to be in the airport 4 hours before departure instead of 2! When I spoke with Etihad costumer service (I called because I couldn’t check-in online and I really wanted a window seat) their reasoning for being there 4 hours before is that otherwise the plane will be late. They seriously told me that if I arrive only two hours before, my plane will not depart on time and that will be my fault but if I arrive 4 hours before everything will be fine.

My question to Etihad was then, if it is so important, why didn’t I receive an email, I only got to know because I called them, and there after read it at their website because they referred me to it. Secondly, will the airline company refund some of the expenses for being 4 hours in an airport in the morning (expensive breakfast)? It is not really the customers fault that the company is upgrading their system. I am not the only annoyed customer, which can be seen at their Twitter page.

So due to the system upgrade I have to leave from here at 7 in the morning, even though the plane is not leaving before 11.55. I will arrive in Copenhagen at Sunday 14.30, pretty tired after travelling almost 40 hours in total, the time difference shortens it to a little more than 24 hours, funny.

When I get back I will have a lot of writing to catch up on, all the things I have experienced, and then of course work on Tuesday. Which is another story. Talk to you soon !

Feeding Kangaroos in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Feeding Kangaroos in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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