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Hackaton 2013 requires loads of pizzas

Today we have a Hackaton day with a following Cocktail party at CBS. Everyone attending, about 60 people, have been divided into smaller groups and they will all be sitting and coding on a problem they want to have solved.

The groups we have are as follows: Administration working on how to handle new employees, CBS databases, Genomics pipeline, Protein-protein interaction, Lab collaboration, Metagenomics pipeline, Prediction, Protein expression analysis, Systems Biology tools, VPN, Whole genome evolution analysis and proteomics pipeline group. All groups have a few hours to brainstorm, code and document.

As everyone knows, coding requires a lot of pizza and Cola, and I think we made the pizzaria happy when we called and ordered 50 pizzas.

50 pizzas on a table

50 pizzas on a table

In an hour we will have thai food ordered from Silom, and after that we will slowly open the bar – only serving cocktails. Who knows when the night will end? One thing I am sure of, we have all had a very productive day, so we definitely deserve to have a great party tonight.



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