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Update: Recently is now officially history – the site went offline April 22 2014.

A few years ago I attended a PhD Summer School at Lipari in Statistical and Machine Learning Methods in Computational Biology. At the conference I met many interesting people, among others Tobias Maier. Today Tobias launched an app which will help researchers in the life sciences and medical doctors to stay up to date with what is being published in their field, I highly recommend you to check it out.


Have you ever had a bad conscience about not reading enough papers or you have trouble following the scientific literature in your field of research? If yes, then you will love Recently. The app works equally well on regular computers and all kinds of mobile devices. Now, without further ado: please sign up and test the app! Like papers to further personalise your reading suggestions, share recommended publications with friends and colleagues and come back to find new papers, sometimes even before they are officially published.

It is very easy to get started with You need to provide your name and a valid email address. In a second step, they ask you to provide three publications relevant to your research field, so they can start recommending articles to you.

If you find a particularly relevant paper, you can like it. This in turn improves the matching algorithm, so they can present you with more relevant papers during future visits. If you dislike a paper, this paper is removed from you feed.

As you see in the example below from my feed, I got some pretty relevant papers I want to read after only three “likes”. Check it out, and let me know in the comment field what you think about the app. I know that Tobias would also be keen to hear your opinion.



Swedish speciality knocks out five people from Texas

The Swedes have a traditional dish named Surströmming. It is herrings conserved through fermentation usually for three to four months. The fermentation results in a very strong smell and can cause the can to bulge.

I have never tasted Surströmming myself and I don’t really have the need to, especially not after seeing a video I received a few days ago…

Take a look at the video below, unless you have a sensitive stomach 😉

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