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Are you a good teacher?

Every Friday we have a CBS group meeting where all staff is suppose to attend. Each week it will be a different group presenting exciting new discoveries, tips & tricks or whatever they choose to talk about. Once per month the subject is teaching, and today Irene presented a bit differently than usual, she showed us three small videos 🙂

During my Teaching & Learning course at DTU we used a book by Professor John B Biggs on the subject of Constructive Alignment. The book is titled Teaching for Quality Learning at University: What the Student does (Society for Research Into Higher Education).

Constructive Alignment is a principle used in teaching and learning, which is not typically used in traditional lectures and examinations. Often, you unfortunately see, that the learning objectives are not aligned with the examination method, which means that students who does not get into the deeper learning can be lost in the process. If the student is only interested in passing the course, he/she will typically look on what is required to pass the course. You have probably all heard questions like “Will this be in the exam?“, “Do we really need to remember this to pass the course?” etc. If the learning objectives are not well aligned with the requirements for the assessment method, these students will typically only read up on what is required to pass the exam and not get into the deeper learning.

Using constructive alignment will force these students to actually learn the subject the teacher intended the student to learn.

Århus University created three award-winning movies illustrating this, which I can only encourage you to watch if you want to improve your teaching.

Check out the videos below, they are short and to the point!
Also, feel free to give me your opinion in the comment box 🙂

Video 1/3


Video 2/3


Video 3/3


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