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FDA shuts down 23andme home gene testing kits

The genetic startup company 23andMe Inc, co-founded by Anne Wojcicki (who recently separated from Google co-founder Sergey Brin), Paul Cusenza, and Linda Avey, was told by FDA to stop the sales of their home testing kits as of 22. November 2013. 23andMe is giving the ability to test your health risk to more than 120 diseases, carrier status of more than 50, drug response to 25 drugs and will furthermore test you for 60 traits. All the above mentioned can be found here.

23andmeI have always considered the 23andMe results as guidance and not facts, and I also always recommend my friends to do that. The FDA is concerned that the test results would lead a patient into self-treatment, where the test results would probably lead the patients to talk with their doctors instead. It is noticeable that the FDA is not citing any examples of patients being harmed through the screening kit from 23andMe.

Of more fun stuff you will also be able to track your ancestry, so besides testing myself I also tested my 98-year-old grandfather. By doing that I can now see exactly what I share genetically with him. Furthermore I also found out that I share DNA with some people from work. It’s a small world out there 🙂

23andMe was founded in 2006 and now with more than 400,000 individuals in their database the company is definitely in growth.

The FDA letter can be seen: here.

Techcrunch news: here.

Bloomberg news: here.


Ancient Horse project among the top10 research projects in Denmark of the year 2013

I am delighted to say, that our ancient horse project Bent and horsehas been selected as one of the top10 research projects in Denmark of the year 2013.

The 10 projects have been selected by the editorial board of who could choose from 56 candidates. It is still possible to vote for the projects, so please go and vote for the horse 😉
Unfortunately the page is only in Danish, but you should still be able to vote. Our project is called: 700.000 år gammel hest får sin arvemasse kortlagt.

Vote for the project Here

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