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Cebio Metagenomics Workshop 2014

Yesterday the workshop started and so far its really cool, full of amazing people. We started with a talk by David Holmes – Astrobiology: emerging opportunities for environmental microbiologists, followed up by Francisco Rodriguez-Valera – Postgenomic Microbiology and then we had a talk about the Brazilian Microbiome Project.

This morning of the second day we had a fantastic Bacterial Metagenomics mini-course by Carolina Megumi Mizuno, Rohit Ghai and Francisco Rodriguez-Valera.

After the course, it was time for my talk, and I think it went fantastic. I had students approaching me afterwards and there might be a few collaborations on the way. Plus, invitations to come back to Brzail to do some teaching and talk about projects, couldn’t be better 🙂

Last talk was from Ramy Aziz talking about Genes Without Borders: Mobile Genetic Elements in Genomes.

Good links from Ramy: – Home of the SEED – Take a look at the Iris section (IRIS – The web-based terminal to give you access to the full KBase command line.) – Phage annotation tool

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  1. […] time, but hopefully not the last, that I am here. My first was last year when I was invited to give a talk. It was super fun, I met so many nice interesting people, and it was so good to see them all […]

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