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The birth of a new supercomputer – Computerome

Tomorrow is a big day for CBS and LifeScience in Denmark in general, as tomorrow is the day where the new supercomputer Computerome will have its official inauguration. Here you can read a danish and an english news post from DTU about Computerome.

With more than 15.000 cores, 96 TeraByte of memory and 3 PetaByte of storage, Computerome currently ranks as number #121 of the most powerful High Performance Computer Systems (HPC) in the world! I have personally been testing it for a month running human De-novo assemblies for the GenomeDenmark project and I can only agree, COMPUTEROME Rocks… !

In the phase 1 trial we were able to finish 41 AllpathsLG de-novo assemblies and generated more than 350TB of data, data amounts that would not have been possible at our older systems. Performance wise there is a factor 10 per assembly, meaning that in 10 days it is possible to finish an assembly, a job that takes 3-4 weeks at our older systems. Furthermore it was possible to run 27 jobs in parallel on the 27 x 1 TeraByte memory nodes.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of seeing the monster live – and it is really fantastic. Love the smell of new hardware 🙂

2014-11-21 11.07.442014-11-21 10.54.19 2014-11-21 10.54.25




2014-11-21 10.45.56











Below you can see some pictures from the assembly of Computerome.



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