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Bioinformatician with interest in human clinical microbiology

We are looking for a highly skilled bioinformatician with ambitions within human microbiology.

The Department of Microbiology and Infection Control works with surveillance of bacteria causing human infections. We have implemented next generation sequencing (NGS) of whole bacterial genomes as an advanced tool in our surveillance and part of our research. We have an open 2-year position as a bioinformatician to join our applied bioinformatics group.

You will be a part of a department with strong ambitions on development of new techniques for understanding microbial evolution; implementation of NGS based surveillance as well as microbiome analysis. We are a total of 120 persons. The position will involve a multitude of projects including:

  • Establishing species-specific NGS data analysis pipeline in active collaboration with microbiologists and evaluate the performance of NGS in relation to outbreak investigations and evolutionary studies.
  • Implement various new bioinformatics tools in the analysis including microbial genome-wide association, microbiome analysis, RNAseq analysis.


Highly skilled with the ability to apply theory to practice

You are a bioinformatician by training (MSc or PhD) and have experience with programming, phylogeny, statistics, and large data sets.

You are an enthusiastic and creative person with an interest in combining bioinformatics and microbiology to make a user-friendly surveillance system based on NGS, solve both large and small bioinformatics problems. You have excellent cooperation and communication skills and are able to apply theory to practice.

You are able to tackle many projects at the same time.

Inspiring colleagues and flexible working conditions

We offer an interesting job with highly qualified colleagues in a dedicated team consisting of two molecular biologists and a technician combining different scientific disciplines in close collaboration with medical experts and another bioinformatician in an inspiring workplace located in central Copenhagen. You will be a part of an institute offering flexible working conditions and the chance to be making a difference.

Terms of employment

The position is limited to two years and is covered by the terms of the collective agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and Organisation of Academics.

Are you interested?

For further information about the position, please contact: Paal Skytt Andersen for more information 3268 8190,

Ryanair – fail or “okay for the price”?

I recently took a 5 hour RyanAir flight to Fuerteventura and I can only say, never ever RyanAir again. The flight was cheap – as RyanAir is a low-budget airline company – and I really only expected minimum service, as you get what you pay for. I was still surprised on how low budget you can go.

I love flying and I fly a lot. Last year I was on 25 planes, and this year will not be less. I love being in an airplane and I love the whole trip. You can lean back, relax (unless you have screaming kids close to you) and you can be offline for a period of time. Then, for me, there is also the excitement of going somewhere. Could be a vacation, a business meeting, meeting some friends or a combination of it all – I just love it 🙂


But seriously RyanAir… How low can you go?

I have a few questions for you: How can you build an airplane with no seat pockets? Where do you expect your passengers to store their stuff? Are the nets and a few screws, as a seat pocket consist of, really that expensive?? What happens if there is an incident of heavy turbulence, since there are no seat pockets, there are no puke bags either. What are the people getting sick suppose to do with their vomit? And what is going on with the seats that are locked in an upright position – you are not being able to lean back? How f*cked up is that? I don’t even want to mention the so-called food… And ohh yes, on both flights it was not allowed to have carry on luggage in the cabin. The stuff people needed during the 5 hour flight should be taken inside the plane. Then we of course just put it in the seat pocket… The non-existing seat pocket.

I went to the bathroom three times during my flights. One time there was an empty soap dispenser, but no water in the tap. Two times there was no soap dispenser at all. I don’t know your habits are RyanAir, but I wash my hands every time I go to the bathroom. Not providing soap to your passengers is just disgusting RyanAir.

When you at some point hopefully will send your planes for an upgrade to normal standards, maybe you should really consider doing the same with your staff. Many people are afraid of flying ( I am not one of them) and the cabin crew should therefore create a relaxed and safe environment. The staff should NOT scream of passengers and they should NOT show in their faces how annoyed they can become if a passenger don’t know the arm-chair should be down during takeoff. And sweet stewardesses, when you repeatedly smash your wagon into my elbows when I try to sleep in a 90 degrees angle in your stupid seats, an apology would at least be nice. Please also turn down then in-cabin speakers. When you see people around you holding their ears, then it’s probably too high volume. I already know that you don’t want your passengers to sleep as you want to sell lottery tickets all the time, but please, there is no need to give them tinnitus as well.

For my next flights, I will be going to Brazil in two weeks, it could be nice with some cheaper tickets, but I learned from this trip. I can assure you that RyanAir will never come in my consideration again, unless it is a very short flight. The discomfort is simply not worth the money saved.

Are there any others having the same experiences with other low-budget companies?

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