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February means Brazil

I’m back ! Back in the beautiful country of Brazil that I already like so much. I actually arrived Wednesday last week, I have just been too busy preparing presentations for the course I am attending (more about that later).

This is the second time, but hopefully not the last, that I am here. My first was last year when I was invited to give a talk. It was super fun, I met so many nice interesting people, and it was so good to see them all again 🙂

This first week will be all about the course, next week I will go sampling with my friend Sara and some colleagues in the salterns around Mossoró in North of Brazil. When we get back the carnival will start and after that I will even have 5 more days to relax and enjoy the sun 🙂 Perfect !

Just a little note on the side, if you haven’t been to Brazil before, I can only say GO GO GO!!! Brazil is really beautiful, people are extremely friendly (at least the people I have met along my way) and the food is amazing. I feel so welcome here, it’s very difficult not to feel like home. Plus, I like the more relaxed approach to everything, which is definitely not in a lazy way like many other “relaxed countries”, It’s just in a more happy way to live life.

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