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The Avian Phylogenomics project I was involved in is nominated as Best Research Result 2015

Avian Phylogenomics Project

I just received an email today informing me that the bird project I was involved in, is nominated as Best Research Result 2015 in Denmark. This is the second time one of the project I am involved in has been nominated, the first project was the 700.000A flock of genomesyears old horse.

This year we want to win !

Fortunately there is a way to reach the goal, I just need you all to vote on the project. It will be much appreciated !
The voting process is easy, even though the website is in danish.


The project itself was huge, a Science paper with 40 companion papers, you can see them all here.


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  1. done Bent!

  2. Thanks, I can always count on you 🙂

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