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DTU Bioinformatics Seminar – Monday 15 August 10.00 – Deciphering biodiversity in Amazonian highland fields

Dear all,

I have the pleasure of inviting you all to a research seminar on Monday 15 August at 10.00 in room 62, building 208.

My Brazilian collaborator, and very good friend, Guilherme Oliveira from Vale Institute of Technology, Belém, Brazil, will give a presentation of some of the cool science they do in the Amazon. Research that we are working closely together with him to integrate in the new DTU Bioinformatics department.

Guilherme will be in Denmark for the full week (15-21 August), and if you are interested in scheduling a meeting with him please let me know.

Deciphering biodiversity in Amazonian highland fields

Guilherme Oliveira, Vale Institute of Technology, Belém, Brazil

Guilherme Corrêa de OliveiraThe Amazon is composed mostly of a vast flood plain. However, there are some unique habitats, such as the high altitude Canga fields. The Amazonian Canga’s are high iron content ancient weathered plateaus. They contain specialized flora and are surrounded by ferruginous caves that also harbor troglohilic animal species. Due to the elevated iron content, these regions are also prime iron ore sources. In the province of Carajás a national forest was established encompassing most of the Canga regions. Therefore, enabling mining operations coupled to conservation is of primary importance. Yet, the inhabitants of the Cangas are still largely unknown. Our work unites conventional taxonomy and next generation genomic approaches to describe the region’s fauna and flora. A first volume of the Canga flora containing over 500 species was produced and combined with DNA barcoding efforts provides a unique view of the environment. Plant species that need further investigation and resolution undergo chloroplast or full nuclear genome sequencing. A parallel approach is being carried out for the cave invertebrate fauna. In addition, metagenome signatures of the entire environment provide additional clues to the description of the environment.

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Registration is not necessary – please spread the word.

Looking forward to seeing you all !

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