My personal and professional adventure into Science

About Bent

I’m Bent, an Associate Professor within Bioinformatics at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS) located at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, Denmark.

I have been at DTU for quite some time, and it seems I never get tired of it. I first did my Master of Science within Biotechnology at DTU and graduated in 2007. After the project I was hired as a Research Assistant to further improve and write a paper about the tool (NetSurfP) I developed during my masters project. A few months later I started my PhD under the supervision of Claus Lundegaard and Thomas Nordahl Petersen with the title: Prediction of protein structural features by use of artificial neural networks, a PDF of the thesis can be found here: PhD_thesis.pdf.

Now I work in the Metagenomics group lead by Thomas Sicheritz. We are working on many exciting projects using Next-Generation-Sequencing data (NGS) of which I plan to write about here. Plus other experiences from my personal and work related life. Feel free to contact me with any suggestion or comments you may have, or connect to me via Linkedin.

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