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Solar Eclipse 2015 transmitted live

Solar Eclipse 2015 transmitted live

Tomorrow one of Nature’s spectacularly phenomenas will occur – a total solar eclipse. The moon passes between Earth and the Sun and day will be turned into darkness on some places of the Earth. Check here to see simulations of how many percentage of solar eclipse you will be able to see:

It is very important that you wear special solar eclipse glasses if you follow the eclipse outdoor. Special safety glasses is needed to avoid eye damage. Your cameras may also be destroyed if you don’t use special filters.

If you didn’t get a hand of any of these items, you can follow the event live here: Live transmission from DTU Space, according to a post from the DTU Library.

You can also watch it here: Here or here:


Image from:

DNA Sampling in Mossoro

Tonight the adventure begins, where I will fly with Julliane and Sara to Natal. It will be a late flight as it is leaving 23:45. We then have to pick up all the heavy equipment in the airport, and I guess we will just crash when we reach our hotel. Tomorrow the car is set for Mossoró, where we will do the actual sampling Wednesday and or Thursday. And, fortunately they now have a heat wave in Mossoró, not like here in Belo Horizonte where it has rained for almost a week….

37 degrees and trying to sample for the first time, I can’t wait 🙂


Mossoró weather week 7 2015

First talk at CEBio Metagenomics course 2015

Today I gave my first talk titled “General data production considerations, public tools and computational resources” at the CEBio Metagenomics course 2015. It was a more general talk with introduction to our Metagenomics group at CBS, followed by an introduction to Computerome which I got a really nice response to. Then I followed up by presenting some CBS tools that I thought would be relevant for the students during their studies, and then I gave some guidelines for using online prediction tools generally in a critical way 🙂 Tomorrow I will give a talk in “Preprocessing, quality, error correction, assembly” which I am really looking forward to 🙂

February means Brazil

I’m back ! Back in the beautiful country of Brazil that I already like so much. I actually arrived Wednesday last week, I have just been too busy preparing presentations for the course I am attending (more about that later).

This is the second time, but hopefully not the last, that I am here. My first was last year when I was invited to give a talk. It was super fun, I met so many nice interesting people, and it was so good to see them all again 🙂

This first week will be all about the course, next week I will go sampling with my friend Sara and some colleagues in the salterns around Mossoró in North of Brazil. When we get back the carnival will start and after that I will even have 5 more days to relax and enjoy the sun 🙂 Perfect !

Just a little note on the side, if you haven’t been to Brazil before, I can only say GO GO GO!!! Brazil is really beautiful, people are extremely friendly (at least the people I have met along my way) and the food is amazing. I feel so welcome here, it’s very difficult not to feel like home. Plus, I like the more relaxed approach to everything, which is definitely not in a lazy way like many other “relaxed countries”, It’s just in a more happy way to live life.

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Relaxing in Vienna

After only having one week of vacation since I visited Australia in February, I decided to take some days off. I am now in Vienna where I will visit two friends I met at a summer school in Lipari 3-4 years ago. My main holiday will still be saved for a winter vacation somewhere warmer than Denmark, or colder for that sakes if it includes a lot of ice, snow and mountains 🙂

The last weeks have been tough, or months for that sakes, lots of work work work and Monday + Tuesday, Henrik and I had 14 oral re-exams with students attending our Introduction to Bioinformatics course. It was sad to see that only 55% of the students passed this year vs. 80% last year. Same teachers, lectures, exercises and TA’s. Only difference was the students. This down going trend in passing was unfortunately also seen in other courses. I hope next year will be better 🙂

To quickly recharge, I found a nice hotel with a lot of relaxation options, if that is what I want. Most preferably I would have liked to take a week or two to a warmer country with nice beaches, cold drinks and a lot of nature to explore. Unfortunately this just didn’t fit my schedule now, so that will be later, and it will also be nice to catchup with Marta and Paweł 🙂

The hotel I found has a spa with whirlpool, steam bath, sauna, pool, massage and a gym. And also a strange thing called an Alphalounger. It looks weird, but apparently it should recharge your mind, body and soul. I will see if it works 🙂
So, there should be plenty of opportunities to recharge if the weather turns bad.

Fortunately weather is nice, it’s around 22-23 degrees and sunny. So I think I will continue exploring the city and see what I can find 🙂


Swedish speciality knocks out five people from Texas

The Swedes have a traditional dish named Surströmming. It is herrings conserved through fermentation usually for three to four months. The fermentation results in a very strong smell and can cause the can to bulge.

I have never tasted Surströmming myself and I don’t really have the need to, especially not after seeing a video I received a few days ago…

Take a look at the video below, unless you have a sensitive stomach 😉

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