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Solar Eclipse 2015 transmitted live

Solar Eclipse 2015 transmitted live

Tomorrow one of Nature’s spectacularly phenomenas will occur – a total solar eclipse. The moon passes between Earth and the Sun and day will be turned into darkness on some places of the Earth. Check here to see simulations of how many percentage of solar eclipse you will be able to see:

It is very important that you wear special solar eclipse glasses if you follow the eclipse outdoor. Special safety glasses is needed to avoid eye damage. Your cameras may also be destroyed if you don’t use special filters.

If you didn’t get a hand of any of these items, you can follow the event live here: Live transmission from DTU Space, according to a post from the DTU Library.

You can also watch it here: Here or here:


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The birth of a new supercomputer – Computerome

Tomorrow is a big day for CBS and LifeScience in Denmark in general, as tomorrow is the day where the new supercomputer Computerome will have its official inauguration. Here you can read a danish and an english news post from DTU about Computerome.

With more than 15.000 cores, 96 TeraByte of memory and 3 PetaByte of storage, Computerome currently ranks as number #121 of the most powerful High Performance Computer Systems (HPC) in the world! I have personally been testing it for a month running human De-novo assemblies for the GenomeDenmark project and I can only agree, COMPUTEROME Rocks… !

In the phase 1 trial we were able to finish 41 AllpathsLG de-novo assemblies and generated more than 350TB of data, data amounts that would not have been possible at our older systems. Performance wise there is a factor 10 per assembly, meaning that in 10 days it is possible to finish an assembly, a job that takes 3-4 weeks at our older systems. Furthermore it was possible to run 27 jobs in parallel on the 27 x 1 TeraByte memory nodes.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of seeing the monster live – and it is really fantastic. Love the smell of new hardware 🙂

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2014-11-21 10.45.56











Below you can see some pictures from the assembly of Computerome.



Lizard posing in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


Burleigh Beach, NSW, Australia


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