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Assistant Professor – and now what?

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote a post here. The reason is that a lot of things has been going on in both my private and professional life. Most of it has changed now, so I will try to improve and post more often 🙂

Since the first of May I have had a new title, finally I can call myself Assistant Professor within Bioinformatics (Adjunkt in danish). This has been on the way after a 6 years Masters degree, three years as a PhD student, 2 years of PostDoc and now I am here, awesome 🙂 The contract I am on, is so far, a two-year contract on a FoodGenomics project, which I will write about in another post.

Not much has changed in my work life, yet, except that I am now secured for two more years, which is fantastic! Workplace is still the same (CBS), I still work in the most awesome group at CBS (Metagenomics), Office is still the same, which means that I fortunately still have the same office mates who makes my every working day so happy and cheerful and I still have the same course responsibilities.

Currently I am co-responsible for two courses at DTU, a 13-weeks course in Introduction to Bioinformatics (#27611) and the same course condensed to a 3-weeks course (#27622). 27622 is currently running, going into second week tomorrow and 27611 ended a few weeks ago with a four-hour written exam. This means that I now have 75 exam sets I need to correct, fortunately I am only responsible for correcting 40% of each exam-set as we were four people creating the exam-sets. It’s a lot of work and I still have all the other projects running in parallel with deadlines coming up 🙂

I guess that’s the life of Academia but I still love it! The fact that every morning I wake up, I am looking forward to get to work, should say it all 🙂

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