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Invitation to the 2nd Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference, Aug 25-26, 2016

ELIXIR Denmark is sponsoring and organising the 2nd Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference, to be held on August 25-26, 2016, in Odense, Denmark.

The two-day meeting provides attendees with opportunities to share and discuss their latest findings, and learn about the newest national and international developments within computational proteomics, machine learning in bioinformatics, network biology in disease, non-coding RNA bioinformatics, population genetics and evolution, and transcriptomics and transcriptional regulation.

The following speakers already confirmed their participation:

Anaïs Baudot, CNRS, France
Anders Krogh, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark (DK)
Anton Petrov,  EMBL-EBI, United Kingdom
Bruce Shapiro, NIH/NCI, USA
Robert Young, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Jürgen Cox, Max Planck Society, Germany
Lennart Martens, University of Gent, Belgium
Martin Simonsen, QIAGEN, DK
Peter Løngreen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), DK
Rute Fonseca,  UCPH, DK
Søren Brunak, DTU, UCPH, and RegionH, DK
Jon Ison, DTU, DK
Mikkel H. Schierup, Aarhus University, DK

Relevant information and key deadlines:

  • Details regarding registration and accommodation—and conference programme, still not final—may be accessed via the ELIXIR Denmark website (
  • Students (incl. PhD studens), members of the programme comittee, invited key note speakers and ELIXIR Steering Group members may register free of charge, while for non-students the registration fee is 1,200.00 DKK (excl. VAT). The fee covers catering, dinner and social activities;
  • Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable;
  • Registration deadline: August 10, 2016;
  • You are invited to submit an abstract for the poster sessions. All abstract submissions must be received on or before August 10, 2016;
  • However, among the abstracts received on or before May 1, 2016, some will be selected for 15-minutes oral presentations;
  • The winner of the best poster will be announced during the meeting closure;
  • Poster board size: 95 x 240 cm;
  • To ensure that you have a hotel near the event, please register and book your accommodation via the registration site by 1 May 2016, as there is a limited number of pre-booked hotels: Hotel Ansgar, City Hotel Odense, Radisson Blue HC and Hotel Windsor.

For any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Myhanh Nguyen (


Kind regards,

ELIXIR Denmark Steering Group:

Anders Krogh, Professor, UCPH, DK
Bernt Guldbrandtsen, Aarhus University (AU), DK
Jan Gorodkin, Professor, UCPH, DK
Mikkel Heide Schierup, Professor, AU, DK
Ole Nørregaard Jensen, Professor, University of Southern Denmark (SDU), DK
Søren Brunak, Professor, Head of ELIXIR Denmark, DTU, UCPH, and RegionH, DK

Conference Programme Committee:
Bent Petersen, Associate professor, DTU, DK
Ida Moltke, Assistant professor, UCPH, DK
Kasper Munch Terkelsen, Assistant professor, AU, DK
Kirstine Belling, Associate professor, UCPH, DK
Robin Andersson, Assistant professor, UCPH, DK
Stefan Seemann, Assistant professor, UCPH, DK
Søren Besenbacher, Postdoc, AU, DK
Veit Schwämmle, Assistant professor, SDU, DK
Vivi Gregersen, Postdoc, AU, DK


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Hackaton 2013 requires loads of pizzas

Today we have a Hackaton day with a following Cocktail party at CBS. Everyone attending, about 60 people, have been divided into smaller groups and they will all be sitting and coding on a problem they want to have solved.

The groups we have are as follows: Administration working on how to handle new employees, CBS databases, Genomics pipeline, Protein-protein interaction, Lab collaboration, Metagenomics pipeline, Prediction, Protein expression analysis, Systems Biology tools, VPN, Whole genome evolution analysis and proteomics pipeline group. All groups have a few hours to brainstorm, code and document.

As everyone knows, coding requires a lot of pizza and Cola, and I think we made the pizzaria happy when we called and ordered 50 pizzas.

50 pizzas on a table

50 pizzas on a table

In an hour we will have thai food ordered from Silom, and after that we will slowly open the bar – only serving cocktails. Who knows when the night will end? One thing I am sure of, we have all had a very productive day, so we definitely deserve to have a great party tonight.



Party conversation for bioinformaticians – a step-by-step guide

Yesterday I had a talk with my colleague Tejal. It has been some time since we last spoke, so we had to update each-other on all the ongoing projects we both have. At some point the conversation also came to Australia. About half an hour later I received a mail from Tejal with a relevant paper written by the Australian situated author Alicia Oshlack: “A 10-step guide to party conversation for bioinformaticians“.

Here is the motivation for the paper, very relevant for our work.

At some social event or other (including ones at my own research institute) I inevitably get asked what I do. Responding with ‘bioinformatics’ is generally met with a blank stare or, in some cases, a slight edge towards a nearby door.


Here I share a step-by-step guide that has helped me to convey some concept of my work to people not involved in the field, or even in science in general, when I am asked the question: ‘So, what do you do?’

Maybe I should memory this, if I feel my social skills will fail at some point!

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