My personal and professional adventure into Science

Solar Eclipse 2015 transmitted live

Solar Eclipse 2015 transmitted live Tomorrow one of Nature's spectacularly phenomenas will occur - a total solar eclipse. The moon passes between Earth and the Sun and day will be turned into darkness on some places of the Earth. Check here to see … [Continue reading]

PRACE Summer of HPC 2015

Would you like to work with SuperComputers? I am posting the ad below for DEIC who founded a great part of our supercomputer. Deadline for signing up is ending soon! Would you like to spend the summer working abroad at an European High Performance … [Continue reading]

Making your research (and yourself) visible…

Whaoo, It has been over a month since I last posted something on the blog. So much have happened - and time just disappeared. Right now I am preparing a talk for tomorrow with the title "Making your research (and yourself) visible…", which I will … [Continue reading]

DNA Sampling in Mossoro

Tonight the adventure begins, where I will fly with Julliane and Sara to Natal. It will be a late flight as it is leaving 23:45. We then have to pick up all the heavy equipment in the airport, and I guess we will just crash when we reach our hotel. … [Continue reading]

CEBio Metagenomics course February 2015

A great course has now come to an end, and I have finally gotten some sleep again. It was well needed. Unfortunately the calendar now says rain, rain, rain, now when I was hoping that I could get out to get a little tanned... The course was a free … [Continue reading]

First talk at CEBio Metagenomics course 2015

Today I gave my first talk titled "General data production considerations, public tools and computational resources" at the CEBio Metagenomics course 2015. It was a more general talk with introduction to our Metagenomics group at CBS, followed by an … [Continue reading]

February means Brazil

I'm back ! Back in the beautiful country of Brazil that I already like so much. I actually arrived Wednesday last week, I have just been too busy preparing presentations for the course I am attending (more about that later). This is the second … [Continue reading]

Bioinformatician with interest in human clinical microbiology

We are looking for a highly skilled bioinformatician with ambitions within human microbiology. The Department of Microbiology and Infection Control works with surveillance of bacteria causing human infections. We have implemented next generation … [Continue reading]

Ryanair – fail or “okay for the price”?

I recently took a 5 hour RyanAir flight to Fuerteventura and I can only say, never ever RyanAir again. The flight was cheap - as RyanAir is a low-budget airline company - and I really only expected minimum service, as you get what you pay for. I was … [Continue reading]

Our Severe Childhood Malaria paper is out in Cell Host & Microbe

Merry Christmas Everyone ! I just got an early Christmas present as I didn't notice before now, that our Malaria paper was actually published in Cell Host & Microbe on the 4th December. I am actually a little surprised that no email was sent to … [Continue reading]