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Computerome videos

Many people have asked me for a post with Computerome videos, and as we just had two more videos produced I think this is the time for a post with them all. I hope you will enjoy 🙂

Computerome – Supercomputer generating more knowledge at a lower cost in a high security data environment

Usercase: Researchers from Statens Serum Institut (SSI) explain that they chose to use Computerome for their research projects such as IPSYCH because of the extremely high security levels in data governance, strong authentication processes and very efficient and professional service delivered by the staff at Computerome.
Part of the advantage of using Computerome is the large volumes of big data already available in the Computerome secure cloud. The researchers use this advantage to mine for potentially interesting diseases with all generated data and reference data. Using the power of Computerome they augment their research by generating more knowledge at a lower cost.
The researchers at SSI plan to expand collaborations with Computerome not only for business, but also for research. SSI’s collaborators at Harvard University, USA also have the access to Computerome and claim the infrastructure at Computerome matches or perhaps tops their own platform.


Copenhagen Fur

Computerome – A game changer in research – DeiC Pilot Project User case: Copenhagen Fur.
Industrial PhD student Emma Hagberg at Copenhagen Fur has had her project accepted as a National e-Science Pilot Project on Computerome. Moving the data analysis to Computerome has been a game changer. It has freed up both computational power and time allowing the researcher to do additional research while Computerome works thereby advancing the amount of research in the project. The National eScience Pilot Projects are funded by DeiC. The projects use the einfrastructure build by DeiC and the Danish universities to increase the use of escience in Denmark. The projects are open to all fields that can benefit from the e-science infrastructure.


Computerome – A look back at 2014

Computerome – year 1 operations


Presentation of the DTU Supercomputer Computerome

Presentation of the DTU Supercomputer Computerome


Computerome – DeiC Seminar

The talk I gave in danish at the DeiC Conference 2015: Deic Konference 2015


Computerome 2015

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