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Australia is unfortunately not only sunshine

Country is alright, location should be perfect with area names such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast etc, but unfortunately the season is the wrong to go on vacation in Australia.

Back home in Denmark friends and family are fighting with snow and minus degrees, here we fortunately don’t have that. Degrees are alright, steady around the 27-28 depending on where we are (Melbourne was a lot warmer with up to 35 degrees), but unfortunately the sun will this week be hiding behind some massive rain clouds.

Two days ago it was so bad that the weather service sent out an Extreme Weather Condition warning. Luckily this area was not hit so bad, except for whole day massive rain, where other areas at the Gold Coast were struck by flooding, you can see pictures from the area here. Pictures are also from the Tropical Cyclone Oswald who struck the coast one week before my arrival.

Beach Closed

The beach is closed due to massive waves constantly hitting the beach

Fortunately the building has a pool so it’s possible to sit and catch the 5 min of sun between each rain shower. Life is not that bad at all.

A place to hide between the rain showers when the beach is closed

A place to hide between the rain showers when the beach is closed

Later today the plan is to go to the Currunmbin wildlife sanctuary, I think I will bring a poncho or a big umbrella, just in case.

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