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1996 - 1999

High School - 

HTX Roskilde

In Denmark, the Higher Technical Examination Programme (HTX, in Danish: Højere Teknisk Eksamen) is a 3-year vocationally oriented general upper secondary program which builds on the 10th-11th form of the Folkeskole. It leads to the higher technical examination, the HTX-examination, which permits a student to qualify for admission to higher education, subject to the special entrance regulations that apply to the individual course. The program gives special attention to scientific, technical and communicative subjects. HTX graduates may study at any Danish technical, scientific or traditional university as well as technical and technological academy (Akademi) or college (professionshøjskole).

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

2000 - 2007

Master of Engineering in Biotechnology - 

Technical University of Denmark, DTU

From a Danish university, a Master of Engineering is called cand.polyt (lat.: candidatus polytechnices). It is a two-year add-on to an academic 3-year Bachelor in Engineering. At the time when I attended DTU the degree was not split up in both bachelor and master but was instead one long education.


2008 - 2011

Ph.D - 

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, CBS. at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU

Title of the thesis: "Prediction of protein structural features by use of artificial neural networks"

During my Ph.D. I developed two tools.

NetSurfP is a method which has been implemented as an online prediction server. NetSurfP predicts the surface accessibility and secondary structure of amino acids in an amino acid sequence. The original paper from 2009 can be found here.

In 2019 an improved version of NetSurfP was published, the publication can be found here

and the webserver can be found here.

NetTurnP predicts if an amino acid is located in a Beta-turn or not. Optional, NetTurnP is also able to predict the nine Beta-turn subtypes. The publication can be found here and webserver is here.

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