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Blixen Klub Værløse

Today I will give a talk in "Blixen Klub" in a nearby city named Værløse. The talk will be an inspirational talk where I will be talking about my work with DNA, Bioinformatics, Supercomputers, and some selected projects.

Earlier this year they contacted me after reading in the local newspaper that I was giving a similar talk for HareskovMedborgerforening.

Blixen Klub is a fantastic initiative inspired by Karen Blixen. As they state on their website:

"We are aimed at women who want inspiration for an active senior life through social gatherings, lectures and excursions etc. Our association is based on volunteerism, community and mutual respect. We use the name Blixen Klub because we are inspired by Karen Blixen, who with values such as agency, independence, feminism, spirituality and imagination is a great source of inspiration for many."

Besides talking about bacteriophages, and metagenomics of airplane toilets and sewages, I will also be introducing them to the work we are doing in the rainforests and our institute in Malaysia, COMBio. All spiced with plenty of pictures and fun stories.

As you can hear, I am very much looking forward!

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