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Chris Sander talk at University of Copenhagen September 1 2021

This seminar is too exciting, so I want to share it with all my network.

Seminar in Health Data Science

Machine learning for hard biological problems - three examples. by Chris Sander, Harvard Medical School Date: September 1, 2021, 15:00 Location: Panum, Maersk Tower, 15th floor, Room: Foredragssalen 7.15.92

The Center for Health Data Science (HeaDS) at UCPH is starting a series of monthly seminars and they are starting with a blast. Chris Sander will be the first speaker. Chris Sander is a computational biologist based at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School. Sander has made many contributions to the field of structural bioinformatics including developing tools such as the Families of Structurally Similar Proteins (FSSP) database and the DSSP algorithm for assigning secondary structure to the amino acids of a protein, given the atomic-resolution coordinates of that protein (Source for text and picture: Wikipedia).

Chris Sander is a founding figure in bioinformatics and health data science, you can see more at his website: or check out his extensive Google Scholar profile:

Everyone is welcome without prior registration. There will be snacks and mingling after the seminar. In case Chris Sander cannot come in person (due to pandemic) he will give the seminar remotely. And while you are at it, remember to check out the HeaDS website and signup for their newsletter at

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