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Contacts for Mailbutler is now released

Today Mailbutler released its new Core function, Contacts. Since this new function was announced last week, I have really been looking forward to testing it out and to implement it in my daily workflows.

The #Mailbutler contact function was developed to build stronger connections to customers in a company relation, which in my case is my collaborators and people I email on a daily basis. Using Contacts for the last few days (I couldn't wait and downloaded a beta-version) I have already now started getting more insight into my email receivers and I have their contact information accessible in a profile next to my email, which is very convenient. It is actually also fun to see how the data changes for every email we are exchanging.

The best time to send emails

The more emails you exchange, the better Mailbutler Contacts will be at predicting the most convenient time to send emails to my receivers. Using the built-in function "send later", I can then time my emails accordingly. This is still not done automatically, but I hope a function will be added for that later on.

The picture is from Mailbutler.

Information tab

All the information about my contact is now visible in one place. Here I can further add notes about my collaborator and add tasks for stuff I need to follow up on. This is for me very convenient.

Mailbutler Contacts is unfortunately only available for their business plan. If you are already on the Essential or Professional Plan they offer a 20% discount for the next 48 hours using the discount code: contacts2020.

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