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Corona virus - officials keep warning the public not to touch their faces – and then do just that

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

First, let's start with a little quiz. While you are reading this post and watching the video below, count how many times you are touching your face.

#Coronavirus has now spread to 96 countries and territories around the world and today worldwide coronavirus cases surpass 100,000 according to Johns Hopkins reports. At the time of writing, there are 100,647 cases. 55,753 people have recovered and there have been 3,411 reports deaths. In Denmark the cases are also steadily rising, we had our first reported case 8 days ago and today we have 23 cases where 1 has fully recovered. More than 425 people are in quarantine.

Health officials and politicians alike have all over the world repeatedly warned the public to refrain from touching their faces in order to stop the coronavirus from spreading. So, It's actually quite sad (and a little funny) to see just how bad examples they are themselves... Check out the video I found from Washington Post

At this point, we should follow the Chinese when it comes to greeting other people :-p

I touched my face twice while going through this post and video.

How many times did you touch your face while reading this post and watching the video?

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