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Mailbutler interviewed me: Bioinformatics for Farming and Rainforest.

For the past many years I have been using Mailbutler to organise my emails and my way of communicating with collaborators and colleagues. Mailbutler is a smart piece of software, an email extension that provides a collection of features for your inbox. Because Mailbutler integrates directly into your email client, there’s no need to learn how to use any new software – it’s quick and easy to get started right away. Mailbutler helps you to become more productive and to communicate with people at the right time, most convenient for the recipients.

MailButler has a bunch of features; Email Tracking, send later, beautiful signatures, notes and tasks, snooze function, undo send and much more. Most of the features you can customize to your own need.

Now, here the fun starts as I years ago started suggesting new features to the team. Some of the features I guess was in high demand from other users as well, and they are now integrated. Awesome. A little year ago I was contacted by MailButler as they wanted to do an interview with me in regards to my work and the use of Mailbutler in my daily life. As you know Covid was here, I was slow at responding, but Tiffany from Mailbutler had a lot of patience and now the interview is out!

Please check it out below :-)

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