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Mailbutler 33% discount until 22 February 11am (EST)

Those of you know interact with me on a regular basis knows that I absolutely love MailButler.

"Mailbutler is the leading productivity plug-in for Apple Mail that helps you manage your emails better and strengthen your professionalism. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your inbox, Mailbutler comes with an extensive feature set that helps you get more things done in Apple Mail."

Mailbutler helps me organize my email, increases my #efficiency and in my opinion, Mailbutler just keeps improving. I plan to write more about Mailbutler in several other posts.

Yesterday it was announced that on February 25th #Mailbutler will release a new core function, Contacts, which will help to increase the relationship with the people that you communicate with. Before this release, they offer a 33% #Discount code to upgrade from Essential or Professional Plan to Business Plan: contact33. This discount code is only valid until February the 22nd at 11 am (EST).

Now, this is your chance to upgrade for a lower price.

If you want to check out the new Contact function, check out the email from Luka here:

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