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Exam in Introduction to Bioinformatics

Last night I most likely had a student or two that had difficulties sleeping, hopefully many was looking forward to this day, as today was the exam day for the course I am co-responsible for: “Introduction to Bioinformatics”. 

109 students was this year signed up for the course and 99 had registered for the exam. The examination setup is a 4 hour written exam, where the students will touch upon the tools and subjects that they have been taught during the course. This is among others databases like GenBank , UniProt and PDB, Pairwise and multiple alignment, Phylogenetic trees, BLAST, LOGO-plots, Weight-matrices, Prediction methods and other interesting and fun stuff 🙂

Now the exam is closed, 89 students handed in, and I now have three weeks to correct all the exam sets. The students might have been sweating today, but now it’s my turn to sweat while correcting them all. I’m looking forward to see how they all performed 🙂


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