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Nature journals are now free to view

The public now have access to all Nature research papers dating all the way back to 1869. Paper will be free to read online, but may not be copied, printed or downloaded. Publisher Macmillan has announced that 49 of their titles will be served under this content-sharing policy, which is good news for scholars and the public. Original press release is here.

“We know researchers are already sharing content, often in hidden corners of the Internet or using clumsy, time-consuming practices,” said a statement by Timo Hannay, the managing director of Digital Science, a division of Macmillan that has invested in ReadCube. “At Digital Science we have the technology to provide a convenient, legitimate alternative that allows researchers to access the information they need and the wider, interested public access to scientific knowledge, from the definitive, original source,” Hannay said.

The way it will work is, that subscribers can share any paper that they have access to through a read-only Readcube version of the article. This link can then be shared freely on email and social media. The content sharing policy will be refined based on usage and community feedback over a one year period.

In the video below, you can find out how to share content on using readcube.

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