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CEBio Metagenomics course February 2015

A great course has now come to an end, and I have finally gotten some sleep again. It was well needed. Unfortunately the calendar now says rain, rain, rain, now when I was hoping that I could get out to get a little tanned…

The course was a free course, organized by Guilherme Oliveira, on the topic of Metagenomics.

The course is aimed towards students, post-docs and researchers novice to metagenomics. The course will provide training in: data generation, experimental design, statistical considerations, sampling methods, data generation for 16S, shotgun and transcriptome, data analysis for diversity and functional studies, metadata analysis, single cell genomics.

Speakers included teachers from CEBio, Colombia, Egypt, USA and Denmark, a fantastic team that Guilherme once again had gathered. The list of instructors can be found here: Metagenomics Course 2015 _ instructors.cebio and the course schedule can be found here: Course Program _ metagenome.cebio.

Below are some pictures from throughout the course.

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